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“Enrico Labayen & Labayen Dance/SF is back in full force…a powerful and passionate celebration of female strength” — SF Bay Guardian

Leda Pennell Labayen Dance/SF is a celebrated contemporary ballet company founded in 1994; it is dedicated to nurturing the artistic activities and the choreographic work of multi-award winning choreographer, Enrico Labayen. LD/SF’s repertory stems from Mr. Labayen’s unique background combining his firm base in classical ballet and modern American dance with his Philippine heritage and its Asian philosophical and artistic assumptions. Through dance performances, the company seeks to introduce the mainstream dance audience to Asian-American aesthetics and sensibilities. This is accomplished directly by the blending of Asian and American themes, music, and performers; indirectly it is reinforced by the quiet, focused grace and delicacy prevalent in Asian culture, fused with the attack and unflinching individuality of American culture. The juxtaposition of these two cultural forces within Mr. Labayen’s work has led to the creation of a unique physical and new artistic language.

Central to Enrico Labayen’s work is the desire to communicate with the audience. Whether defining a narrative through movement, or eliciting a specific emotional response, the dramatic integrity of her work draws the audience in, encouraging them to take part in a collective artistic experience. At LD/ SF, we envision a concert scenario in which the audience, regardless of cultural, gender and political background, connects deeply with our artistic and cultural ideals. We embrace our culture, while simultaneously challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries, believing that art and dance can serve as a vehicle for understanding and identification between all human beings.

The Company is a grantee of California Arts Council, San Francisco Arts Commission California Artists Series, San Francisco Grants for the Arts, International Theater Institute (Asia), University of New South Wales in Australia, National Commission on Arts and Culture (Philippines), University of the Philippines (UP) Film Department, Arts International (USA), The Zellerbach Family Fund, The Hotel Tax Fund, The Asian and Asian- Pacific Islander Cultural Grant for United States of Asian Americans.

Labayen Dance/SF is also enjoying tremendous success nationally and abroad at venues such as the Delacorte Dance Festival (NYC); Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival (NYC) ; The Singapore International Arts Festival; Odyssey Arts Exposition (Singapore); Internationales Tanz Theater (Bonn, Germany); Dance For Tolerance (Bielefeld, Germany); Dance with Objects Festival (Potsdam, Germany); Stuttgart Tanz Festival (Germany); Amman International Theater Festival (Jordan); Filipino American Arts Exposition (USA); Music and Arts Festival @ Columbia University's Miller Theater (New York City, USA); Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival (San Francisco, USA); Human Rights International Arts Festival (San Francisco, USA); Men Dancing Fest (San Francisco, USA); Autumn Dance Series (San Francisco, USA); Bay Area Dance Series (Oakland/San Francisco USA); International Theatre Festival (Philippines); UNESCO-International Theatre Institute’s Theatre World Theatre Olympics (Philippines); Man!festival for Social Change (USA); National Queer Arts Festival (USA); Mov(Men)t Male Choreographers Festival; Down & Dirty Dance Series (USA).

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